Private Hire Candle Workshop, Team Building Exercise Christmas Staff Party Idea

Let's start with a glass if the good stuff shall we?

That Gay Creation hosts private parties with bookings of up to 200 people + more, be it a boat, wedding, birthday party, our studio or your Office Christmas Party we’ve got you covered!
TGC are able to set up in any venue and host up to 200 people.
Spend your session making a beautifully fragrant candle, inspired by our erotic range.
This is an informative and fun workshop where you will start by blending a choice of high-quality oils to make your scent, under the guidance of one of our expert teams.
A great team-building opportunity.
Take the opportunity to network and get to know your new candle-obsessed pals better, whilst actually having fun!
At the end of the afternoon, you'll know each other better & your candle will be ready for you to take home.
We will plant a tree for each person who participates in our workshop and plans to finish with a toast to being awesome!
Go on, we dare you!