Coconut Wax

Want to make your own eco friendly top quality candles and massage candles? Rest assured this Coconut wax blend is pure white with a naturally sweet scent. made from cold-pressed coconut meat and in our opinion the best out there. It is considered one of the best and healthiest types of wax to make candles because it doesn’t harm the planet.

€ 14.00 EUR



Item description
Coconut wax DIY handmade candle with eco materials for candle making and massage candle supplies.
product features:
1. Product colour: white
2. Product style:   1 KG
3. Product use: All candle types
BURN TEMPERATURE 45 - 52 degrees
Coconut wax is the main component of scented candles. It belongs to the natural palm family and has high ornamental value.
1. Free combination, free to do
2. Natural colour and beautiful appearance
3. The material is natural and the products made are easy to use.
+ other traces may be found.