Mums Kick Ass Fridge Fridge Magnet

If your mum is as great as mine, then she kicks ass too. A funny fridge magnet, perfect for your mum, or your own fridge if you want to tell everyone how great she (or you!) is. A great gift for Mumma!

£ 5,00


1980s-This fridge magnet features a 1980's style photograph of a young lady in a pinny, standing at an oven seeing to a roast turkey. It has the words 'Mums kick-ass' written in white, italic bold capital letters on slanted pink banners to the top left of the picture.

Weight: 31.75 g (1.12 oz)•  
Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.3 cm (3 x 2.1 in)