Vulva Secco

VULVA SECCO (German sparkling wine with added carbonic acid (contains sulphites))

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Origin: Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate
Content/Alcohol: 1 x 750 ml / 10 % vol.
Description: Slightly fruity, Cuveé from the Palatinate, Pleasant acidity, summer secco
Grape varieties: Riesling, Müller Thurgau, Kerner & Scheurebe from Rhineland-Palatinate
Note: We cannot guarantee you a label color. This is selected randomly. A maximum of 1 bottle can be ordered per order.


Grapes, sucrose, bottled under protective atmosphere, acidity regulators: tartaric acid, lactic acid, preservatives and antioxidants: sulphites, L-ascorbic acid, stabilizers: meta tartaric acid, citric acid