Wax Dye Colour Chips

Quality 12g candle wax dye. Perfect for all wax types. Want to make your own top quality candles? Rest assured this dye is perfect .

€ 3.30 EUR


Wax Dye —— Perfect For Wax Melts And all Candles / wax types

for a deeper colour add more dye.
for a lighter pastel colour  add less dye.
All the dyes can be mixed with one another, to create your own unique colour.
All colours shown in my listing are for reference of what can be achieved
Please note when used with soya wax it will result in a pastel opaque coloured candle. This is just the nature of soya wax. Should you require a more intense coloured candle then we suggest you either add a greater percentage of dye to the soya wax or possibly using a different wax (e.g. paraffin wax/ White Beeswax).